Tips For Success

Here are a few fundraising tips when you are running your own silent auction
Tips For Success
  • Grouping Items – it is always a good idea to group similar items together. This will enable your guests to easily locate the items that they are interested in and want to bid on.
  • Make Frequent Announcements – it is great that you are hulding a silent auction. However, if your guests aren’t reminded regularly, their attention may be diverted to food, drink or conversation. It is a good idea to make announcements, preferably with a microphone, every fifteen minutes and especially with 10 minutes, 5 minutes and even with 1 minute to go in the silent auction.
  • Encourage your Guests – there is nothing wrong with encouraging one or more of your active donors to participate in the bidding. In fact, if others see a guest involved, they may become more involved in the bidding.
  • Location, Location, Location – the silent auction needs to be in a high-traffic area. The bar area and the dinner area are logical choices to receive as many views as  possible from your guests
  • Avoid an All-Day Auction – Most, if not all bidding is done during the cocktail hour and dinner. An hour and a half to 4 hours is more than enough time to run a silent auction.
  • Collecting Payments – avoid ending your silent auction too close to the end of your event because many of your guests might have left. Try to allow at least 30 minutes before the end of the evening to notify the winners and cullect payment. Contacting people after the event is always more difficult than when they are at the event.